Like today’s battlefield, the modern business environment is incredibly complex. You are constantly presented with new opportunities and forced to solve problems you’ve never seen before. Logistics, public perception, mission, moral and ethical decisions, resources and training are all areas that cannot fail.

As your organization thrives, it moves further and further into a more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. If new problem sets and opportunities begin emerge faster than your organization responds, eventually it enters chaos. When you’ve entered chaos, you are at risk of failure.

We know failure is not an option. The Detachment-1 Entrepreneur Operator Training Course is developed to prepare your organization in an entirely strategic and individual way, so you can deliver the best results during your most demanding and critical must-win events. 


Tier-1 Special Mission Units continually respond to the speed of emerging information and complex problem sets that adapt faster than most organizations can generate plans of action and capitalize on the opportunities. These highly-skilled and agile teams are made up of communities of experts that constantly generate new ideas that lead to rapid innovation at rates much faster than single teams could do in the same timeframe. In fact, our experience operating in these environments has taught us that any organization’s ability to innovate rests on their internal appetite for change.

For your organization to stay relevant, you must continue to learn. To learn, you must be willing to let go of past solutions to past problems to embrace new ideas and solutions to new problems. To fully and aggressively exploit new information, your teams need the will to push through the dissonance and chaos that new ideas often create. To do that, you need a Team of Warriors.


We are aware that The Detachment-1 training philosophy and the Entrepreneur Operator Training Course isn’t the right fit for every organization. Just as every organization isn’t the right fit for Detachment-1. We’ve learned that not all organizations have the culture, capacity and/or the will to truly change in the manner and timeframe our program requires.  We know that this can be an extremely uncomfortable process as it challenges how we define ourselves. Remember, at Detachment-1, we’ve all been through it too; but as we say in the Unit, “If it were easy, everybody would do it”.

During our free 90-Minute Assessment and Selection Meeting, we’ll both have an opportunity to get to know each other’s organization. Our team of former Special Operation Warriors will visit your site and present you with a detailed overview of our process, conduct a thorough and structured needs assessment interview, and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. In addition, during this no obligation 90-minute conversation, our trainers will equip you with some tactics, techniques and procedures that will empower your leadership team and set the course for building your Team of Warriors.

Whether we select your organization for the Entrepreneur Operator Training Course or you intend to hire Detachment-1, fill out the form requesting your no obligation meeting and we’ll get back to you by the very next business day to schedule your 90-Minute Assessment and Selection Meeting. There’s no commitment, we love doing it, and it’s free!


Leaders must train their organizations to deal with challenging, complex, ambiguous, and uncomfortable situations. Such conditions require initiative, creativity and the ability to be comfortable with the “fog” and “friction” of the unknown. The Detachment-1 Small Team Mastery Event (STME) will help leaders understand adaptability as a concept and provide insights about their own strengths and weaknesses in challenging, complex and ambiguous situations through a mix of instruction, practice, problem solving and team action.

While the STME incorporates some lecture and discussion sessions, most of the day is experiential in nature. Our developmental approach includes transition from structured command-orientated tasks to less formal self-guided activities coupled with a gradual increase in task complexity and challenge. In addition to this focus on two-person team accountability, Detachment-1 Cadre will utilize After Action Reviews (AAR) to introduce and elaborate on background fundamentals and changes to the training environment to emphasize an “understanding of the why.”

At the end of this experience, each team member will have done something they can brag about for the rest of their lives. They will understand how critical it is to fully rely on the ability of their teammate. In addition, they will have shared the same exceptional results with all the other teams and developed a full appreciation and a renewed respect for the power of teamwork. After the STME, your organization will have taken a major leap towards becoming a Team of Warriors who have thrived in the face of incredible odds, overcame dynamic problem sets and shared a unique experience that only those who have gone through it could ever understand.

One more thing, don’t forget that the Detachment-1 Cadre is also a Team of Warriors who share a similar passion for building themselves and others into elite warriors. We continue to increase our knowledge and expertise in these areas by interacting with the Special Operations Community on an ongoing basis. We will adapt the STME to accommodate any special requirements so that absolutely every member of your organization can participate.


We often find that organizations are comprised of multiple departments or “tribes” comfortably nested in their own silos. Often these “tribes” each have their own culture, norms, language, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). A strong reason for change in one part of the organization might be an asset in another. The Detachment-1 Entrepreneur Operator Training Course will empower your leadership team to demolish the silos that often stifle innovation to build teams that stop focusing on “protecting what is” to embracing “what could be”.

Our training is designed to take your elite organization to the Tier-1 level by addressing three elements necessary to dominate every aspect of your operating environment. First, we help you to laser focus the mission of your organization and develop the will to hold yourself and each other accountable to its success. Second, we facilitate an ongoing mutual engagement focused on creating norms and relationships that strengthen the community and culture of your organization. Lastly, we help ensure your company utilizes shared language, tools, stories, SOPs and processes that enable individuals to know how to navigate them appropriately.

We address adaptability from an individual perspective, but only to the extent that the leader must understand it as an individual behavior, evident in themselves and the people they lead.  However, our real focus is on the teams these leaders are responsible for. When leaders forge a culture that is open to innovation, comfortable with ambiguity, demonstrates trust in their subordinates and operates in a climate that supports novel solutions, natural adaptability emerges.  This climate, affects the performance of every team, be it sales, marketing, creative, HR, or senior leadership.

The Detachment-1 Entrepreneur Operator Training Course ensures participants have a clear understanding of adaptability, how it applies to them and how it effects the relationships with those they lead.  Our lessons equip leaders with processes to structure their organization’s day to day operations to provide ongoing opportunities for developing adaptability.  Thus, ensuring the teams they lead are always prepared to embrace emerging information and new problem sets as opportunities and aggressively execute a plan of action with unwavering commitment, total focus and unprecedented overwhelming force to dominate the competition.


Our trainers have been members of the most elite military organizations in the world. Now they bring that experience to help your organization thrive. Our extensive experience selecting and training elite Special Operations Warfighters has equipped us with deep category experience in several domains, including: leadership development, selection of new members, assessment of existing members, strategic planning, messaging, training and decision-making processes. Our unique outcomes-based training model addresses all learning styles and virtually assures your team is equipped with the tactics, techniques & procedures to dominate the competition.

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